White Pumpkins


When it comes to food today, you may find that there are a lot of ingredients to work with. Some things are basic, and some things may surprise you by the way they look, taste, and work within ingredients. With that in mind, consider white pumpkin as a major option to cook with. You’ll see this option sold in stores during fall and autumn months. These are sometimes known as Lumina pumpkins. They are white, round, and slightly smaller than your traditional pumpkins. You will find that there are a lot of great white pumpkin recipes to explore, especially once you realize why this works well in cooking today.

Is White Pumpkin Edible?

First and foremost, you need to know that this is 100% edible. You should not take your traditional option, the orange kind, and slice it up and try to cook it. It will not be easy to work with. This is not the same as what you may carve for Halloween. Instead, this is a member of the squash family. The interior and taste profile is very much like squash, and can be made into all sorts of different meals. You may even see this sold as cotton candy, full moon, and albino pumpkins, to give you an idea as to how these are different from the orange kind.

What Type of Recipes Can Be Used?

If you’re looking for white pumpkin recipes, you’re going to find that you can make a variety of dishes like you would with squash. From things like waffles, pies, tarts, and even roasts, you can add this to your cooking and make things really stand out. The taste profile can be mild, especially since this is part of the squash family. Often times, you’ll find that these are cubed and added to curries, pastas, and even pureed into a soup. As far as recipes are concerned, you’ll find that you can add this solution to nearly any recipe that you may have for squash. It adds a little color, a little taste, and a great addition to your overall recipes.

In regards to cooking with pumpkins of this type, you can take the seeds out, and cut the flesh into cubes. The flesh is not as hard as you’d expect from the Halloween variety, and you can boil, grill, and sauté this solution. You will still need to apply pressure to outside and inside to fully take advantage of this incredible ingredient for fall and beyond.